SPRING GLORY and JOSEPHINE MAERSK - Collision on 5 June 2012


The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board has made a report about a collision at the eastern part of Singapore Strait on 5 June 2012.

In the evening of 5 June 2012 the bulk carrier SPRING GLORY and the container ship JOSEPHINE MAERSK collided at the eastern part of Singapore Strait, approximately 7 nm NE of Horsburgh Lighthouse.

SPRING GLORY was under way on a northerly course  out of the TSS and JOSEPHINE MAERSK was under way on a west-northwesterly course and was about to enter the TSS when the collision happened. Both vessels performed a last minute manoeuver to avoid the collision, but too late.

There was considerable material damage to both ships, but no one was injured and there was no pollution of the marine environment.

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.