Ongoing investigation06-02-2024

On 6 February 2024 at approximately 0700, the Faroese longline fishing ship KAMBUR experienced a sudden, adverse list, while the ship was situated 17 nm south of Suðuroy, Faroe Islands. The crew immediately issued MAYDAY and mustered to donne immersion suits and launch the liferafts. Due to the list, launch of rafts did not succeed, and the crew took refugee on the ship's side. When the rescue helicopter arrived, the ship was listing 90 degrees, and evacuation of the crewmembers was immediately initiated. 14 crewmembers were recovered onto the rescue helicopter. 2 crewmembers was missing. KAMBUR foundered later the same day.

Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board has initiated an investigation of KAMBUR's capsize.