STENA SCANDICA - Fire on 29 August 2022

On 29 August 2022, DMAIB was informed that a fire had broken out on the Danish Ro-Ro passenger ship STENA SCANDICA while en route from Nynäshamn, Sweden, to Ventspils, Latvia. The fire was under control, but the ship’s power supply system had failed, and the ship was drifting towards the Swedish island of Fårö. Firefighters from shore had been deployed by JRCC Sweden to assist the crew, and rescue boats and helicopters were on standby in the area. In the early evening, it was decided that families with children and elderly people were to be evacuated. The remaining passengers were to stay on board for as long as possible, as this was deemed safer than boarding the ship’s lifeboats and rafts. At 1900, the evacuation of passengers by helicopter was commenced. While the helicopter transfers were ongoing, the ship’s crew managed to restore propulsion and steering, and the ship was able to return to Nynäshamn.
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