KARIN HØJ - Occupational accident on 9 May 2019


On 9 May 2019, a first mate was trapped by a cardan shaft aboard the construction ship KARIN HØJ, while she was in the process of replacing a hydraulic hose on the ship’s propulsion system. The first mate perished as a result of her injuries. The ship was in Eemshaven, the Netherlands, when the accident occurred. The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board was informed of the accident on 9 May 2019. Due to the seriousness of the accident, the Investigation Board initiated an investigation on the ship on 10 May 2019, while it was at
berth in the Netherlands. The purpose of the investigation was to answer two questions:
• What technical circumstances caused the cardan shaft to lower, trapping the first mate?
• What circumstances caused the first mate to bring herself in a situation where there was an imminent danger of being crushed?

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.