• Safety report on small craft passenger transport in Greenland

    Publiceret 01-01-2020
    Report published Other ship type Other Safety report

    The intention of this report is to shed light on safety issues related to small craft passenger transport and is aimed at the Danish and Greenland authorities, and cruise ship operators who depend on..

  • HAV STREYM - Occupational accident on 2 November 2019

    Publiceret 02-11-2019
    Report published Merchant ship Occupational accident Summary report

    On 2 November 2019 the Faroe Island flagged general cargo ship HAV STREYM was alongside at the port of Karmøy, Norway. While preparing the ship for discharging an able seaman was trapped between a lad..

  • EXPRESS 1 og BALTIC CONDOR - Collision on 10 May 2019

    Publiceret 10-05-2019
    Report published Merchant ship Collision Summary report

    This is a summary report on an incident investigated by the Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board (DMAIB). The summary is a brief account of those findings, which have been deemed relevant in r..

  • KARIN HØJ - Occupational accident on 9 May 2019

    Publiceret 09-05-2019
    Report published Merchant ship Occupational accident Investigation report

    On 9 May 2019, a first mate was trapped by a cardan shaft aboard the construction ship KARIN HØJ, while she was in the process of replacing a hydraulic hose on the ship’s propulsion system. The first..

  • WORLD BORA and RABA - Collision on 19 February 2019

    Publiceret 19-02-2019
    Report published Merchant ship Collision Investigation report

    In the morning the 19th February 2019, the Danish crew transfer vessel (CTV) WORLD BORA and Cyprus-registered general cargo vessel RABA collided in the Baltic sea 2 nm east of Rügen, Germany, while un..

  • Safety report about the design and use of risk assessments in shipboard operations (Ongoing investigation)

    Publiceret 03-12-2018
    Ongoing investigation Other ship type Other Safety report

    In this report, DMAIB will take a closer look at the preconditions for carrying out risk assessments for shipboard operations, e.g. the situations in which they are carried out and the methods used. I..