AMBER II and SEA WORKER - Loss of tow on 27 January 2016


The Maltese tug AMBER II departed Frederikshavn on 24 January 2016 with its tow, the Danish manned installation jack-up platform SEA WORKER. The towage was bound for Esbjerg with an estimated time of arrival 26 January in the morning. The towing line between AMBER II and SEA WORKER broke on 27 January 2016, two and a half days after departure, while the towage was located in the North Sea, 6 nm off the west coast of Jutland and was facing difficulties making speed due to wind, waves and current. When the towing connection was lost, the tug did not succeed in reconnecting by means of the emergency towing equipment. As the platform was drifting uncontrollably towards shore, it was evacuated, because it was deemed dangerous for the crew to stay on board during the grounding.

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.