KRASLAVA and ATLANTIC LADY - Collision on 1 November 2014


On 1 November 2014, the Marshall Islands-registered chemical/products tanker KRASLAVA collided in restricted visibility with the St. Kitts & Nevis-registered refrigerated cargo ship ATLANTIC LADY in the Drogden Channel in the southern part of the Sound, Denmark. The bridge team on each ships was aware of the other ship’s presence in the channel, but both misjudged their own and the other ship’s position. When the actual situation was acknowledged on both ships, it was too late to manoeuvre to avoid the collision. A reconstruction of the events can be seen here.

In this report, the Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board (DMAIB) focuses on three main topics in the investigation of the collision: Navigational and collision avoidance measures, geographical properties of the southern area of the Drogden Channel, and the application of COLREG in a close-quarters situation with restricted visibility. 

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.