DART - Grounding on 1 August 2013


On 1 August 2013 at 0517, the Danish flagged tanker DART grounded on a rock as it was passing through Norwegian archipelago fairways. The ship had been loaded in Dusavik on 31 July 2013 and departed at 0440 heading north for Floroe. On its way to Floroe, the ship stopped in Kopervik because the ECDIS needed maintenance. The ship continued its voyage at 1625 on 1 August 2013.

At 0509, the ship deviated from the planned route as the ship passed a waypoint and continued straight ahead instead of turning to port. The watchkeeping officer was alone on the bridge and had fallen asleep just before the waypoint. He did not wake up until the ship ran aground 8 minutes later. The alarms designated for averting this kind of situation did not function expediently and therefore did not manage to wake up the chief officer.

At the scene of the accident, the DART was examined for the risk of pollution and afterwards brought afloat by tugs. No personal injuries or pollution occurred. 

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.