BRITANNIA SEAWAYS - Fire on 13 November 2013


On 16 November 2013, a fire broke out on the forward part of the weather deck of the roro-cargo ship BRITANNIA SEAWAYS en route from Sørreisa to Bergen, Norway. The ship was carrying military equipment, vehicles flatracks with a large number of jerrycans and tank containers with petrol and jet fuel. There were also 12 passengers, all of whom were military personnel.

When the fire broke out, there was a storm and heavy seas in the area. During severe rolling a tank container became loose and caused leakage on some jerrycans with petrol. Leaked fuel was ignited by sparks generated by a tank container that slid across the deck, steel against steel. The fire quickly evolved into other jerrycans and tank containers on the weather deck and became immense. 

There were no injuries and no pollution to the environment.

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.