SKULD and ENSCO 72 - Collision on 28 June 2012


In the morning of 28 June 2012 the tugboat SKULD collided with the jack-up drilling rig ENSCO 72 during arrival to the port of Esbjerg.

The rig was being towed by four tugboats and a large anchor handler. Following instructions from the pilot on board the rig, SKULD initiated a manoeuvre in order to change the vessel’s position in the tow. During this manoeuvre SKULD collided with the rig.

The collision caused smaller damages to the rig. SKULD sustained a severe leakage below the waterline, and had to be brought alongside berth quickly. With the help of external pumps from shore, assistance from another tug that positioned itself alongside SKULD while berthed and a great effort from SKULD’s master and crew, the damaged tug was prevented from capsizing. After a prolonged repair in a shipyard SKULD was again put into operation.

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.