• Application and usability of ECDIS

    Publiceret 02-09-2021
    Report published Merchant ship Other Safety report

    Joint statement by Oessur Hilduberg, Head of the DMAIB and Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents, MAIB: Investigation of groundings since 2008 have repeatedly shown that where ECDIS was t..

  • BUSTER and STAVFJORD - Collision on 16 May 2021 (In consultation)

    Publiceret 16-05-2021
    Ongoing investigation Fishing ship Collision Summary report

    On 16 May 2021, the Danish fishing vessel BUSTER collided with the Dutch-registered cargo ship STAVFJORD in Aalbaek Bugt, Kattegat, Denmark. The fishing vessel suffered a serious water ingress but was..

  • POLAR AASSIK - Fire on 17 March 2021

    Publiceret 15-03-2021
    Report published Fishing ship Fire/explosion Summary report

    This is a summary of the investigation results of the Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board found to be relevant in the context of an accident investigation. The purpose of the summary of the i..

  • SANTA CLARA - Fall overboard on 7 February 2021

    Publiceret 07-02-2021
    Report published Merchant ship Occupational accident Investigation report

    On 7 February 2021, the Danish flagged container ship SANTA CLARA was about to berth in the Port of Bremerhaven when an OS fell overboard while rigging the gangway. Several ships in the area searched..

  • MAERSK ESSEN - Loss of cargo on 16 January 2021 (Ongoing investigation)

    Publiceret 16-01-2021
    Ongoing investigation Merchant ship Other Investigation report

    On 16 January 2021, DMAIB was notified that the Danish flagged container ship MAERSK ESSEN had lost approx. 250 containers while the ship was en route from Xiamen, China to Los Angeles, USA. The conta..

  • MAERSK ELBA - Fire in engine room on 26 December 2020 (Ongoing investigation)

    Publiceret 26-12-2020
    Ongoing investigation Merchant ship Fire/explosion Investigation report

    On 26 December 2020, DMAIB was notified about an engine room fire on the Danish flagged container ship MAERSK ELBA which occurred off the coast of Sagres, Portugal. An auxiliary engine had during a se..

  • ICE ROSE and KAZANETS - Collision on 23 September 2020

    Publiceret 23-09-2020
    Report published Merchant ship Collision Investigation report

    On the morning of 23 September 2020, the Marshall Islands registered refrigerated general cargo ship ICE ROSE collided with anti-submarine ship 311 KAZANETS of the Russian Navy in the Sound, Denmark...

  • TORM MAREN - Loss of rescue boat on 1 April 2020

    Publiceret 01-04-2020
    Report published Merchant ship Other Investigation report

    On 1 April 2020 TORM MAREN was located approx. 115 nm off the coast of Guinea. While adrift, it was decided to conduct a rescue boat drill and thus the boat was lowered with three persons on board. Af..

  • STONE I - Loss of control on 4 January 2020

    Publiceret 04-01-2020
    Report published Merchant ship Other Investigation report

    On 4 January 2020, STONE I was alongside by Ensted Oil Terminal in Aabenraa, Denmark, og discharged gas oil. At approximately 0930 the weather worsened and gust winds affected the ship. As the wind sp..

  • Safety report on small craft passenger transport in Greenland

    Publiceret 01-01-2020
    Report published Other ship type Other Safety report

    The intention of this report is to shed light on safety issues related to small craft passenger transport and is aimed at the Danish and Greenland authorities, and cruise ship operators who depend on..